Since its inception in January 1981, Year Round Pool Company, Inc. has expanded at a dramatic pace. For the past two decades, each year has brought challenges and opportunities eagerly met by YRP. As the Low Country has seen dramatic growth in the past twenty years, Year Round Pool Company, in turn, has adapted to the changing landscape and continues to be the Low Country’s best source for custom designed and built pools, premium hot tubs as well as continued maintenance and service of these products. Our modest beginnings on Hilton Head Island consisted of cleaning existing pools with only one truck in the early eighties. Today our fleet of service and repair vehicles travel distances encompassing South Georgia to Charleston, SC.

What was once a “one-truck” pool-cleaning service has now expanded into a full-service pool company. YRP designs, constructs, and maintains the highest quality pools using the most current design tools. In addition,  YRP is pleased to showcase the world’s number one selling hot tubs, Hot Spring spas.  Hot Spring is the largest and most innovative hot tub manufacturer in the world today.  While remaining the most energy-efficient spa on the market, Hot Spring continually introduces game-changing technology, like the Freshwater Salt System, keeping them miles ahead of the competition.  

Our Commitment to You

YRP strives to supply the highest quality in customer service by using the most well trained and knowledgeable employees. Employees attend educational seminars so they stay well informed and are up to speed on all of the newest trends, techniques, and products used in the pool industry today.   Also, our Supervisors in the Service department are Certified Pool Operators (CPOs). These staff members have studied and earned their CPO certificates in order to ensure that the highest standards in safety are observed at the pools they service. To acquire pricing and availability for our service, please contact us.

New pool construction and the sale of only the highest quality products have become Year Round Pool’s trademark. Since its beginnings, the building of commercial or “for public use” pools, resort pools, and residential pools have been the focal point of YRP’s achievements in the pool industry. As well as being a top-rated pool builder, year after year YRP is consistently recognized as one of the top-rated Hot Spring dealerships in the country.  Year Round Pool Company’s headquarters is filled with these awards as well as many community awards recognizing excellence. Our pool and spa sales professionals are highly trained with over a hundred years of combined experience and stand ready to help you with all of your pool and spa needs.  

If you are looking for a full-service pool company in the low country… look no further than Year Round Pool Company… a Low Country original.