If you find yourself in need of hot tub repair or cleaning, Year Round Pool Hot Tub Store is here to help! Whether you use your hot tub for relaxing, entertaining, or the perfect night with that special someone, it is our goal to get your hot tub repaired and cleaned, so you can go back to enjoying it.

Our technicians are skilled in the repairs of most brands of spas and hot tubs. The new hot tub and spa models have far more bells and whistles than the older models. Today’s hot tub and spa repair technicians need to be skilled in working with the advanced control systems found in most newer model hot tubs. At Year Round Pool Hot Tub Store, you can rest assured our technicians have the knowledge and skillset to repair the newer high-tech hot tub models.

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Our Pricing:

For Customers who have a Service Contract for us:
$139.00 an hour (one-hour Minimum), billed on the half-hour for Repairs.
$80.00 an hour (one-hour Minimum), billed on the half hour for Cleaning Service.

The one-time service call fee is $67.00.